Friday, November 2, 2012

Favorites of a 5 Year Old

I've been meaning to post for a while and the start of the school ya and other things got in the way.  I also live right in the path of Hurricane Sandy and am dealing with the after effects.  I will not be able to live in my condo for at least a month.  I will be living with my mom, whom right now does not have power either.  The family is all safe and that is what is really important.  I wanted to share some observations of what apps my 5 year old nephew has been playing to keep himself occupied without power.

Tizzy Vet - This is an app that I recently downloaded when it was free (not sure if it is still free). He gets to take care if different animals in the veterinarians office. He examines each of the animals according to what it tells him to do and then when he is done with each part, a check is Putin the chart, which he loves.  This is great from a language perspective for labeling the animals and following directions.

Toca Boca - I won't pick just one of their apps because he loves them all!  He loves  playing in the hair salon and making the hair all sorts of wild colors.  He recently discovered the store and has enjoyed playing that with me.  H also loves TocaMonsters.  He loves when the characters make sounds because he has overcooked or over seasoned the food.  In TocaHouse, he especially loves when the one character is taking a bath.  These apps are great for following directions, sequencing, expanding utterances, social language and vocabulary.

I will try to be more regular with my posting. There are a couple of great apps I want to write about when I have better access.

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