Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hiding the Home Button

There are times, when the students we are working with, are constantly exiting out of the app that we want to use and going to something else. There is a great product from Paperclip Robot called BubCap.  The BubCap is a home button cover for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  This product adheres to the i-Device but is also removeable.  If removed repeatedly, it will lose its adhesiveness.  There are 4 different types of BubCaps depending upon the strength that you need.  In addition, you can buy them individually or in explorer packs.  I am going to take a moment to describe each one to you.

BubCap Regular - I would generally recommend this for the iPhone or iPod Touch.  Due to the thin nature, I would not use it on the iPad and would only recommend it for toddlers.  Older children will have the strength to press the home button through it.

BubCap Ultra - This can be used on any of the devices.  I would recommend using it on the iPad for a toddler and on the iPhone and iPod Touch for a stronger child.

BubCap Max - This is the most rigid home button cover that can be pressed by an adult.  It is primarily intended for the iPad when being used with older children.  This was originally created with the educational and assistive technology market in mind.  If used on the iPhone or iPod Touch, even an adult will have a hard time pressing the home button.

BubCap Pro - This is the newest addition to the BubCap family.  It is made of solid aluminum and considered to be industrial strength.  The only way to activate the home button is by using a paper clip or toothpick through a small hole.  The only way that the PRO Can be removed from the device is to use a sharp tool.

Disclaimer:  Paperclip Robot donated the BubCaps to be utilized during therapy and professional presentations.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


My name is Kim Scharoff and I am a Speech-Language Pathologist who likes to integrate the use of technology into her therapy sessions. With the introduction of the iPad and the wide variety of apps available to help develop speech and language skills, my career has taken a new path. In addition to my day job, I provide services to individuals to assist them in selecting the most appropriate apps fr their needs. In addition, I do presentations on the use of the iPad for speech and language development.

On this blog, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and providing reviews of apps. I look forward to expanding my edr base and sharing information. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask at any time.