Monday, August 13, 2012

The Grumble Noise - a Review

Get Loud Because The Grumble Noise Is Here!

The Grumble Noise is the newest book app from Erik X. Raj.  He is running a special for the month of August and offering this great app for free!

The basic story line is that there are 2 brothers who share a bedroom and one keeps hearing a grumbling noise that has woken him up.  It turns out to be the brother's stomach making noises and so they go to get a midnight snack.

On every page of the book, there are interactive elements to help keep your attention.  You can hear the grumbling noise, change toys, make the dragon breathe fire.

This is a great app for assisting with problem solving.  You could brainstorm what the noise might be and also what to do when they determine it is someone's stomach.  You could also have a whole conversation about what appropriate snacks are for when someone is hungry.

I highly recommend this app for working with children 4 years of age and older.  I tried it with varous children, both typical and special needs and they had a blast.  The illustrations, animations and sounds really kept their attention.

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